Frozen Shoulder

Bowen Therapy has a protocol for frozen shoulder. This is one of the most persistent of conditions.
The shoulder is arguably the most vulnerable joint in the body . It is like a busy city intersection , with nerves , and tendons , all next to one another , in a very tight space. Add to this , a very shallow and unstable ball and socket joint and you can understand why shoulder pain can persist . Try Bowen, to thaw out your frozen shoulder .


Asthma is a growing problem in the twenty first century .  Much of this could be due to our stressful lifestyle . Too many people live on the exhale .  Make Bowen part of your asthma plan , to free up the muscles of your chest and back , so that you can breathe easy again .


Who doesn't get headaches from time to time ?  And where do they come from?  It could be anywhere !  From the neck , the shoulder ,  the back ; even the sinuses . Let Bowen check out the usual suspects , and find out who the real villains are !  Bowen Therapy. For headaches !